Our Solution

Wis2Biz's  Main Components

Identify pre-dropout point by collecting and analyzing behavioral and emotional data.

Personalize weight loss plan.

Adjust the plan and the required personal attention to the participant's health, lifestyle, personality and preferences.

Provide insights and actionable recommendations to group leaders. Enables 24/7 automated personalized support.

Two separate mobile apps
One for group leaders and another for participants

Business intelligence tools
reports and dashboards for all levels of management and group leaders

Three smart algorithms

Our Vision
Our Mission

The weight loss industry is characterized by high dropout rates, low customer loyalty, and extensive manual processes. Over 65 percent of Americans and Europeans are overweight or obese, which has lead to major health epidemics across the US and UK. The significant majority—95 percent—of people who lose weight, regain the pounds within five years.

That’s where we come in.


Our vision is to revolutionize weight loss through technological innovations. Our SaaS and mobile platform uses smart algorithms to personalize weight loss plans, foster well-being, and improve overall quality of life.

We’re determined to make weight loss smarter.

Wis2Biz is a white label platform suitable for all weight loss methods. It enables weight loss companies and nutritionists to track clients' progress and identify critical milestones and pre-dropout points, then recommends the soundest strategy to help surmount these challenges. Through this multi-pronged approach, Wis2biz provides weight loss companies with the necessary tools to support their patients in persevering toward long term success in their weight loss goals.

Our artificial intelligence helps nutritionists, commercial companies, government health organizations, medical centers, and other health-minded businesses manage participants. We use real-time data analysis, personalization, and behavior prediction, all with the personal touch of your own health counselor.


By actively and passively collecting participants’ behavioral and emotional data, we’re able to pinpoint the often elusive factors that lead to abandonment. Through the analysis of this information, we surface recommendations that are tailor-made for each and every participant. Plus, our artificial intelligence allows us to provide round-the-clock, automated support that keeps participants motivated and on the wagon.

Our proprietary algorithm reduces dropout rates, promotes participant perseverance, loyalty, and LTV (lifetime value).


More benefits:​

  • Improves health KPIs

  • Increases revenue

  • Decreases expenses for governments, NGOs, corporations, and participants.


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