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What can be measured can be done. And what is recognized is done repeatedly, and even better.

Robert Crawford

Wis2Bis is an AI based technology that helps fitness and weight loss companies increase customer retention and engagement, both in-person and online.

Our innovative platform continuously collects participant data from multiple sources such as nutrition, attendance, physical attributes and activity, behavior and habits, life events, and more.

The platform processes data using Artificial Intelligence (AI) models and offers pro-active, personalized encouragement and support for each participant.

The platform identifies the exact methods, timing and communication methods to support participants and keep them on track.

We have proven results of decreasing dropout rates by 17.5% and increasing LTV by 9 weeks. As a result, a company with 20,000 members can increase its annual revenue by approximately $1 million!!!

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we enabled our customers to continue their activity online. This helped prevent substantial dropouts and keep customers engaged during a very challenging period. Thanks to our platform, some of our customers even discovered new business opportunities.


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