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What can be measured can be done. And what is recognized is done repeatedly, and even better.

Robert Crawford

Taking into account the current circumstances and challenges, it is very important to have ready-made solutions for different situations.

Wis2Bis is an AI based technology which helps educational organizations increase customer retention and involvement, both in-person and online.

How does it work?

For educational organizations our innovative platform collects students’ data such as grades, participation, attendance, behaviour and thinking patterns, life events and more.


Then the system processes this data using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) Models in order to predict who is more likely to quit or has a high failure rate. Secondly, the platform adapts a pro-active and personalized incentive and support for each student.


We provide lecturers and management of educational organizations with BI dashboards and reports which deliver full analysis of students’ academic performance. It includes prediction models, on going students segmentation and more.


The platform knows exactly what, when and how to support students in order to keep them on track and to help them to succeed.

We are a team of highly experienced AI, BI and Analytics professionals.


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